Ankle Length Tribal Microfiber Leggings


These leggings feature a busy pattern that’s a little bit native and little bit pixelated. The mix of muted colors and varied patterns make them just right for an outfit inspired by Southwestern style. While the light peach and minty green colors in the design are subtle, the statement they make certainly isn’t. Sky blue diamond patterning make them easy to pair with a blue top or demon jacket. One of the best features of these leggings is that they contain blue, black, and brown, so you won’t go crazy trying to match them with your wardrobe essentials. That being said, black heels can help you stand out, especially with a snug black blouse on top. The tribal look of these leggings is fun and different, yet appropriate for almost any time of year. Depending on the weather, a warm jacket in a solid neutral color could match well; or a tank top could emphasize their sun-drenched Western design. Try them out with a totem necklace or a feathery hairstyle.

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