Dark Grey Turtleneck Sweater


Get comfortable with a coffee mug and this cool weather turtleneck sweater. Ribbed for texture and warmth, and available in many colors, it seems sweaters with fold-over necks will never go out of style. Try a classic color like dark gray for an option that matches with almost anything. Or try a dark eggplant color for a sweater that will stand out with a pair of jeans. With these sweaters being so warm, versatile, and fun, it’s tempting to buy a couple of them in different colors. Turtleneck sweaters always tend to give one’s neck a beautiful lengthened appearance, similar to the way high heels seem to elongate and slim the look of legs. Turtlenecks are also nice to pair with a messy bun hairstyle that shows off the neck and chin, and leaves pretty wisps of hair that frame the face even more. These sweaters are also easy to add jewelry to, like pieces with longer chains or large pendants that wrap around or spill out of the neck of the sweater. The details of the outfit are up to you, but these simple sweaters will help inspire complete looks.

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