Jade Tribal Microfiber Footless Leggings


These outrageous microfiber leggings rock a jade green color that’s layered with a funky floral print. When it comes to making a statement, these leggings have it all. Among several patterns layered over top the green base color, you’ll find multi-colored laurels, zig-zags, and little bulls eyes. The crazy nature of this print calls for something fairly simply to be worn on top. Try a snug white tee or a shirt in the same faded neon yellow color found on the leggings. Of course, this style is all about emphasizing your legs and your bold attitude, so other accompaniments, like jewelry, should be kept simple too. Anyone who struts their stuffs in this printed pair has no lack of confidence. With that sort of spirit, you may want to match these fun leggings with a daringly tall heel in a solid color—perhaps the magenta or bright orange color found in the print.

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