Vintage Vogue Black Plus Size Leggings


“The tight, intricate pattern on these vintage-look leggings makes a fabulous alternative to a plain black pair. Lovely and elaborate, the all-over black print provides a slimming silhouette, yet they don’t disappear into the background. Especially when paired with matching black heels or boots, these leggings can turn an indistinguishable outfit into one that’s “”in vogue””. Dress to impress by pairing these leggings with almost any bright or bold color. Consider them a wardrobe staple, as they can make the transition from fancy French maiden, to hopelessly hip and funky. Their unique pattern is just busy enough to turn heads, but blends well enough with large pieces of jewelry, sparkling shoes, and dramatic makeup that furthers the runway mystique of these vintage print beauties. Another quick tip: Try pairing them with firetruck red items, adding even more attention-grabbing action to your classic, yet contemporary outfit.”

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