Black Paisley Bandana Plus Size Leggings


Featuring the cute curly tails of a paisley print, these black leggings stand out with purple, pink, and sunny yellow. The black base color provides slimming coverage, while the scattered, all-over design brings any outfit to life and shows off your fun side. Take a closer look and see that the paisley print on these bottoms actually has a spiky zig-zag edge, so while these leggings are sweet they’re also a little bit edgy. Take this look to the extreme by adding some spiky high heels or tapered earrings that are similar in shape to the the irregular paisleys printed all over. They look really sharp when added to a yellow top, and even better with some sweet pink accessories to bring out their purplish-pink color. Just a bit scandalous, and mostly girly, these sharp-looking bottoms will really help you stand out in a crowd. Especially when you put on those tall, tantalizing shoes!

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