Microfiber Ankle Length Indigo Tribal Leggings


“With multiple shades of natural blue colors, faded light pink, and faint yellow, these sun-bleached leggings recall a Western, tribal style. Perfectly paired with solid colored tees or button-ups, why not show a fun side of yourself with this eye popping pair? Rows of pixelated diamond patterns are decidedly native, and definitely pretty. That means even this cowboyish look can be feminine, especially with a matching pair of heels or solid colored boots. Because the small, sharp patterning lends itself to all sorts of straight-edged looks, don’t be afraid to add jewelry with similar lines and colors. Though these leggings are predominantly colored with lovely sky blue colors, they match well the pieces of dark navy, gray, or even black. Really show off this versatility by dressing down the leggings during the day, then adding sparkling accessories to dress them up at night. Silver jewelry, shoes and bags, will add a little contrasting gleam to this fun, faded pair.”

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