Multi Color Paisley Leggings


“These bright and tight boho leggings are sun-drenched, casual, and totally lovable. Very bold blue is contrasted with a deep sunset orange and pale yellow colors. They’re also layered with emblem designs and striped with laurels, dots, and other bohemian patterns. What a great way to bring out your summery side any time of the year. Because they’re truly multi-colored, feel free to pair these leggings with almost any of the several colors found layered onto to them. Imagine a lightweight, flowing yellow tunic and a hippie headband to complete this boho look. While colorful heels will elevate these casual leggings to another level, fringed booties or gladiator sandals are perfect matches for daytime wear. The designs on each leg are just a little off-kilter, contributing to the funky, thrown-together aspect of these layered leggings. One of the most fun accessories to pair with these bottoms is a big boho shoulder bag with some patchwork resembling the leggings’ patterns.”

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