Helpful Tips for Dressing your Little Girl

Getting your little girl dressed in the morning can become a major ordeal.

Lets face it, As she grows and becomes a little more independent, she will want to take control of what she wears.

Of Course that is fine, but the struggle of trying to teach her how to match and choose the right outfits can be a Daily challenge.



Is She Listening?


Does she have her mind made up?


Mismatch- Stripes and Polka dots
Mismatch- Stripes and Polka dots

So how can take the stress out of  getting her dressed?

Well, I will share with you a few ideas that have worked for me!

1. Pick Neutral Colors . Mixing and matching will be much more fun with solid prints.  One-piece Skirted leggings make it a breeze. I love the ease of Solid colors so choosing a top, jacket or Sweater is effortless.  You can add prints and patterns or even choose solids. The adorable Tutu skirt legging is a great choice.

2. Choose items that are easy to get on or off.  No buttons, zippers, or snaps– The no pinch elastic waistband makes these skirt leggings easy to get on or Off. You want choose things that make your life easier, like pullover tops and of course, shoes that slip on! Try Cardigan sweaters , they are great for layering, Fun Print Leggings and Skirt Leggings

Girls Stone Color Skirt Leggings

Girls Royal Blue Cardigan Sweater


3. Easy care. You know your child is active and will get dirty throughout the day. Picking items that are easy to care for will make your life much easier. Just throw it in to wash, and out it comes looking as good as new.

4. Keep it simple.  Less is more, you don’t need a closet full. To much can be overwhelming, for you and her. Choose simple prints, patterns and solids that you can easily  mix an match. You can create so many different styles with the same pieces. Just get the basics. You will both love mixing and matching together.

5. Must Have Comfort.  I almost forgot to mention, “Comfort” definitely one of the most important, which is first on my list. Think about this, if you were wearing, a pair of leggings, for example, and you had to continuously pull them up all day, you wouldn’t want to wear them again. Or maybe a top that the material was itchy and drove you crazy all day. Yup, that top would join that pair of leggings. This happens all to much. Choosing the right material is important. These Products that I have suggested are soft, stretchy comfortable and easy to care for. So there you go!

I hope some of the tips I have shared will work for you. I can only tell you that getting my little one dressed in the morning is a lot more fun.


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