Blue Vintage Royalty Blue Plus Size Leggings


These leggings, with a fancy emblem-like design in a royal blue color are both rebellious and regal. The all-over diamond patterning is interesting and flattering, and perfect for a day in the office or night on the town. This blue color is bold and bright enough to pair with black, yet not too crazy that you can’t put them on with a pink top or other bright colors from your wardrobe. And because they have that vintage flair, you can bring out some of your thrift store favorites, like a beautiful old-school jacket or some metal accessories that really play up that vintage rocker chick look. Don’t forget some rocking heels, maybe in a red color that will help you play the part of a rebellious patriot, day or night. Or, of course, you can go prim and proper, emphasizing the girly curls in the crest-like designs stamped all over.”

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