Blue Leaf Silhouette Plus Size Leggings


The whimsical blue leaves on these leggings ignite the imagination and make a bold statement. While some leafy prints may wish to recall a simple spring setting, these bold beauties say much more. The drawn-on leaves of this print are filled in with a dazzling ocean blue color, recalling a catchy sailor look. When it’s time to emerge into springtime in style or step out on a summery saturday, these leggings fit the bill. Easily able to transition from daytime classy to evening sassy, they’ll stay a slimming staple despite multiple wardrobe changes. Simply switch out your button-up blouse or denim jacket for a cute white crop top. Because the bold leaves give the leggings a bit of a vintage look, further this style by adding a silvery broach, handbag, or headband. That will keep your outfit classy and somewhat old-school, which makes it appropriate for work and lunch outings alike.”

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